Elite High School Sports is a pilot series that will bring online all regular through post-season games played by the top 10 high school basketball teams in America for the 2021-2022 basketball season. All games will be streamed live in 4-camera coverage. Elite is our initial go-to-market activity associated with a much larger project and vision.

VidGo Live is a utility application like Facebook Live, but for multi-camera live streaming. VidGo takes advantage of new technologies, faster data transfer speeds, and global connectivity to open up a massive new market of user-generated video content—focus on sports.

To learn more about our vision please check out the following downloadable PDF documents:

Overview of the big idea: bit.ly/SportsEntertainmentWhatsNext

Elite High School Sports sponsorship deck: bit.ly/EliteBasketball2021-2022

“Remote trucks, fat cables, big cameras, and the human resources needed to run them are not necessary in the future. Video streams will be available in the cloud from every camera on the planet. The entire world of cell customers becomes your camera crew.”

Brad Burkhart, Founder

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