Elite High School Sports Basketball 2021-2022 Season


  • Original Programming: 120+ elite high school basketball players # Future Stars of the NBA
  • 10 teams, 220 Games: 4-camera coverage plus highlight reels, player interviews
  • Long Form Content: full length games # Top 10 High School Teams USA
  • Short Form: highlight reels, player and coach interviews, promos
  • Half Hour TV-Format: ‘Best of’ season highlights, interviews wrapped in broadcast quality package
  • Content Pipeline: 590 content pieces, 265+ hours of original programming
  • ​M​arke​t ​Focus: high school athletes, parents, coaches, friends and fans
  • Merchandise Distribution Option: 120+ elite athletes nationwide
  • Content Rights: Unlimited use rights to all content

Elite High School Sports-Basketball: bit.ly/EliteBasketball2021-2022